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Zambia 1975 SG 232 African Elephant Fine Used
African elephant 9n Value Fine Mint Used
Zambia 1975 SG 233 Temminck's Ground Pangolin Fine Used
Temminck's Ground Pangolin 10n Value Fine Mint Used
Zambia 1979 International Year of the Child SG 290 Fine Used
Kalulu and The Lion 58n. Value Fine Used
Zambia 1979 SG 279 African Elephant, Kasaba Bay Surcharged Fine Used
African Elephant, Kasaba Bay 8n. Value Fine Mint Used
Zambia 1984 Reptiles SG 414 Fine Used
Nile crocodile 35n. Value Fine Used
Zimbabwe 1987 Duikers of Africa Survey National Set Fine Mint
Duikers of Africa Survey Set of 6 Values Fine mint