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Zambia 1968 Decimal Currency SG 136 Fine Used

South African Crowned Cranes 20n. Value Fine Used

Zambia 1975 SG 229 African Fish Eagle Fine Used

African Fish Eagle 4n Value Fine Mint Used

Zimbabwe 1984 Birds of Prey SG 648 Fine Used

Long-crested eagle 11c Values Fine Used

Zimbabwe 1987 Owls SG 711 Fine Used

Pearl-spotted owlet 18c Value Fine Used

Zimbabwe 1988  Wild Ducks and Geese SG 743 Fine Used

Knob-billed duck 35c Value Fine Used

Zimbabwe 1990 Wildlife SG 769 Fine Used

Helmeted guineafowl 2c Value Fine Used

Zimbabwe 1992 Birds SG 835 Fine Used

Cardinal woodpecker 90c Value Fine Used

Zimbabwe 1999 Owls SG 991 Fine Used

African marsh owl $9.90 Values Fine mint

Zimbabwe 2000 Sporting Activities SG 1024 Fine Used

Sporting Activities $7.70 Value Fine Used

Zimbabwe 2005 Birds SG 1148 Fine Used

Red-headed weaver Z Value Fine Used

Zimbabwe 2005 Birds SG 1152 Fine Used

Miombo double-collared sunbird E Value Fine Used

Zimbabwe 2005 Birds SG 1155 Fine Used

Old buildings $140 Value Fine Used


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