Founded as an independent dealer in 1970. Originally it traded as Stewart Stamps a mail order company specializing in British Commonwealth stamps.

      Stewart Stamps was founded in 1946 by my father Samuel who returned from  the army in 1945 with the biggest sack of Malayan stamps you ever did see! In later years my introduction to this great hobby was to soak them off and heaven help me if I damaged any! From that moment on I was totally hooked

      We Feel that above all collecting should be affordable and fun! Our aim is to try and offer a range of stamps. Not just the expensive items. We list items from 5 pence. The basis for that notion is: I know, even today, in my own collections, there are only two kinds of gaps Those I may never be able to afford and those I could buy today if only I could source them. When we break down a collection  we list every item.  We send out a weekly list of new items listed. You can subscribe here: 

     We have a store located on eBay. EBay is not everybody’s cup of tea! However, it is a brilliant shop window and we send stuff all over the world. If you are a client who doesn't like to use eBay for whatever reason then this site is for you! 

     If we may be of service you will find our address, telephone number and email in the contact section of this site.


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