Postage Due Stamps

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Great Britain and Commonwealth Countries

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North Borneo 1902 Post Due SG D39 British Protectorate Fine Used
Postage Due British protectorate 3c Value Fine Used
Rhodesia and Nyasaland 1961 Postage Due SG D2 Fine Used
Post to pay 2d Value Fine Used
South Africa 1922 Post Due Set Fine Used
Post Due Set of 3 Values Fine Mint
South Africa 1967 Post Due D59 Fine Mint
Post Due 1c Value Fine Mint
South Africa 1967 Post Due D61 Fine Used
Post Due 2c Value Fine Used
Straits Settlements 1924 Postage Due Stamps SG D3 Fine Used
Postage Due 4c Value Fine Used
Swaziland 1977 Police Training Set Fine Mint
Police Training Set of 4 Values Fine Mint
Swaziland 1977 Rock Paintings Set Fine Mint
Rock Paintings Set of 4 Values Fine Mint
Trinidad 1885 Post Due SG D16 Fine Used
Postage Due 8d. Value Fine Used
Trinidad and Tobago 1969 Post Due SG D34 Fine Mint
Fishing $2.50 Value Fine Used
Tristan Da Cunha 1976 Post Due Set Fine Mint
Postage Due Set of 5 Values Fine Mint
Victoria 1895 SG D11 Postage Due Fine Mint
Postage Due 1/2d Value Fine Mint