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Norfolk Island 1994 Pacific Explorers SG 570 Fine Mint
Pedro Fernandes de Quiros map and San Pedro y Pablo 90c Value Fine Mint
North Borneo 1939 British Protectorate SG 308 Fine Mint
British Protectorate 8c Value Fine Mint
Nyasaland 1945 SG 152 Map Fine Mint
Map 1/- Value Fine Mint
Nyasaland 1945 SG 157 King and Emblem Fine Mint
King and Emblem 20/- Value Fine Mint
Nyasaland 1953 SG 183 Fishing Village Lake Nyasa Fine Mint
Fishin Village 2/- Value Fine Mint
Pakistan 1974 Highway Map SG 376 Fine Mint
Highway Map 20p Value Fine Mint
Sabah 1964 SG 412 Map of Borneo Fine Used
Map 10c. Value Fine Used
Seychelles 1954 Queen Elizabeth II SG 178 Fine Used
Map 18c. Value Fine Used
Singapore 1989 Maps Block Set Used
Port Authority 10c Value Fine Used
Swaziland 1977 Police Training Set Fine Mint
Police Training Set of 4 Values Fine Mint
Venda 1983 Migratory Birds Set Fine Mint
Migratory Birds Set of 4 Values Fine Mint
Zambia 1975 Namibia Day SG 243 Fine Used
Namibia Day 25n. value Fine Used