Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions:
1/ Clarifications

For the purpose of this document the term: “Vendor” will be used in place of the words: “Commonwealth Stamp Store”! The term: “Client” will be used in place of the words: “The Purchaser”!

2/ Listings

The Vendor offers all items shown in this site on a E.&OE.Basis!
Whilst every effort is made to have up to date details of catalogue number etc., can and do change. The Vendor accepts no responsibility for errors that may arise in this situation!
Images used on this site are representative of type. They are not specific unless otherwise stated in the listing!

3/ Abbreviations

The vendor uses standard industry abbreviation and parlance. The most common of which are shown below:
Fine / Good: This is for the item as viewed from the front!
MNH= Mint Never Hinged.
LMM= Lightly mounted mint.
MM= Mounted Mint.
MNG= Mint No Gum
CTO Cancelled to Order.

4/ Purchases

By processing an order via the checkout the Client is entering into a contract with the Vendor to purchase the items contained in the shopping cart. The Vendor will hold these items for the Client, pending payment, for a period of 14 days! Items not paid in that period will be reoffered for sale and the order deemed as cancelled!

5/ Shipping and Order Cancellation

High days, holidays, acts of God and special notices aside it is our policy to ship all orders within 48 hours of payment! A notice of dispatch will be sent to the client immediately after an order has been dispatched
On Receipt of payment all purchases become the property of the client. All orders over GB£100 will automatically be shipped to the Client by certified mail. The Vendor makes no extra charge for this service. The Vendor will accept no responsibility for lost or damage to: in transit items! Orders under GB£100 can be certified but the Vendor should be notified in writing at the time of purchase and this service will incur a small additional charge!
Clients may cancel an order or part of an order at any time prior to dispatch and receive a full refund for the item or items cancelled!
We guarantee all our items are as described and offer a replacement or refund for any that are not on receipt of the item back excluding any items covered by paragraph one and two in section: 2/ of this document!

6/ Security

Any data obtained by the Vendor: is held in confidence and will not be shared with any third parties.

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